“The Hispanic Cultural Awareness Workshop is a wonderful way to gain active awareness of the contributing factors that make Mexican culture and what first, second, and third generation Mexican and Mexican-Americans bring to society and the resulting interactions with government. I found the information and activities energizing and gave me a greater depth of understanding of Hispanic people. The response from the employees who attended was overwhelmingly positive. In the end, we are more knowledgeable public servants and able to provide the help, assistance, and understanding needed to ensure quality of service.”
Michael Powell, CPM, MAOM

“The Hispanic Cultural Awareness seminar prepared new teachers in a variety of ways. Their participation deepened their sensitivity for our predominant Hispanic student population. It also helped teachers set the stage for a positive feeling tone and climate for learning. I sincerely recommend Corporate Languages to any school district or organization interested in this magnificent cultural training program.”
Sylvia D. Gonzales